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Medical Update & Mike Nosco Memorial Bike Ride

A few weeks ago Lora, Wilson and I headed to Houston, Texas to visit MD Anderson Cancer Center, which is at the forefront of colorectal cancer treatments and trials. While we were there, I got my scan results and did testing to get on their list for any upcoming trials that may be a good fit for me. There are a wide variety of trials opening up and a lot of them are focused on targeting a specific mutation or creating personalized treatments for a person's specific tumor. So that's great to hear! The scan results showed that after only four rounds of chemo, we've been able to keep the cancer from progressing (nothing new) and they don't seem to be getting larger. Although one always hopes that the spots will miraculously disappear and you'll be deemed NED (No Evidence Of Disease), that's a tall order. After my failed immunotherapy over the summer and the crazy progression we'd seen, I'm happy that we've been able to hit the pause button and I'm…

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