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The Mike Nosco Ride

On Friday, November 2, Lora, Wilson and I headed north with bikes in tow to meet the crew at the 10th Annual Mike Nosco Memorial bike ride . The Nosco ride begins in Newberry Park and involves 80+-mile ride through the canyons of Ventura and Los Angeles County, with about 9k vertical feet of canyon climbing for good measure. Honestly, I don't fancy myself as much of a cyclist. I enjoy cruising the beach with my son in tow or shooting down the hill for an early dinner with Lora, but I've never really road biked. I don't go fast and I've never even owned clip-in pedals & shoes.  After getting home from doing The Grand  in late August, I was a bit lost and felt like I needed another goal to keep me physically active. So when we were accepted as one of the eight beneficiaries of The Nosco Ride, I knew that I wouldn't be able to stand at the starting line and watch as everyone supporting me and my family endured the suffer fest without us! I was so excited to have

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